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Red Bike -1.jpg

Red Bike

Written by Caridad Svich

Ithaca College 2022

Photos by Dave Burbank Photography and Keegan Webber

Director: Paula Murray Cole
Asst. Director: Delaney Judson
Scenic/Prop Design: Thomas Jenkeleit
Costume Design: Andrea Mejuto
Lighting Design: Cora McKenna
Sound Design: Ariana Cardoza
Production Dramaturg: Andrew Donelly
PSM: Brenna Comeau

Red Bike follows a kid's discovery of the world. We learn and think through the innocence of a child and their experience of the characters they meet. The world is a confusing and nonsensical place and as children, we just want to be loved, listened to, and to make some serious NOISE. This production featured 10 actors in the roles of A & M and was devised throughout the rehearsal process with the actors and designers. We focused on the motifs of industrialism, nature, technology, and the surveillance state. Movement and actor-driven action was important to this play. Therefore, the actors controlled most of the soundscape with a MIDI Controller (Akai MPK Mini), percussion toys, and other objects to make live sound effects. The sounds included dietetic and non-diegetic sounds that reflected the emotional and physical world we were creating.


The MIDI Controller was introduced early in the rehearsal process and I demonstrated how to use the technology and its capabilities. Sounds were added and changed as needed with suggestions from the actors and director based on what was required to move the action and what could be the most versatile for several scenes. GarageBand and the sampler plug-in Tx16Wx were used to program the sounds onto the controller with several controls to change the sound, such as reverb, delay, frequency control, etc. 

*This guide was used by the actors to learn and reference the controller. In addition, a sound script made by stage management was used during performance.

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