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Hedda Gabler

Written by Henrik Ibsen | Adapted by Patrick Marber

Ithaca College 2019

Photos by Madeline Lowe, Alexa Regan, Raven Bartlett

Director: Austin Jones
Scenic Design: Raven Bartlett
Props Supervisor: Thomas Jenkeleit
Costume Design: Austin Jones
Lighting Design: Cora Mckenna
Sound Design: Ariana Cardoza
SM: Miranda Williams

Hedda Gabler is a story about a recently married woman starting a life with her husband. She is tortured by the male-dominated society that she resides in and will do anything to maintain control of her life. In this production, we take place inside Hedda’s mind and highlight the moments of thought and action that Hedda takes against the men in her life. To enhance the unsettling feeling of Hedda’s psyche, low rumbling and piercing ringing were placed in the moments of impending doom. The aural landscape encompasses the audience and replicates the overwhelming desire to take control, through Hedda’s choice of music.

Burning of the Manuscript

The video below is from a climactic scene in the second half of the play, where Lovborg reveals to Hedda that he has lost his beloved manuscript. But, unknowingly to Lovborg, Hedda has his manuscript and instead of telling him this, she convinces him to die a beautiful death as she hands him a gun. As the audience realizes Lovborg's inevitable fate...Hedda and Lovborg start to dance. As they dance the music gets increasingly more manic and moves from the record player to surround sound as we enter the manic state of Hedda's mind. The music is most manic when Hedda finally burns Lovborg's manuscript.

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