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Written by Euripedes | Adapted by Ellen McLaughlin

Ithaca College 2021

Photos by Kyle Stamm

Director: Dean Robinson
Scenic Design: Brittany Dagget-Duffy
Costume Design: Bella Morris
Lighting Design: Kyle Stamm
Sound Design: Ariana Cardoza
PSM: Brian Hanshaw

The Trojan Women describes a group of women in the aftermath of tragedy. The audience follows these women as they tell their stories of loss, love, anger, and hope. This play resonates with the world today because of our own “wars” and losses such as the “war” of racism, the pandemic, human trafficking, and homelessness. Our sounds goals were to highlight each woman's emotion and pain while letting them each tell their own story. Each transition introduced the character’s feelings through movement, percussion, and dynamic underscoring to achieve this goal. In addition, the chorus women held their own bucket drum that amplified the woman’s story.



Each character has their own transitional soundscape that moves into their underscoring/environment for the scene. In the video, Cassandra is being introduced. Cassandra is Hecuba's daughter and is described as fiery and mad. She enters with crazed energy and later tells the audience about her forced marriage to a Greek.


Our production focuses on underrepresented people in our society that are impacted by the "wars" of today. Therfore, my initial research was on music by and for women and people of color. I made a playlist of empowering songs and songs that reflected the mood of the play. In addition, I found a spotify playlist made by PBS that listed Native American Musicians You Should Know. I found the Native American music interesting because in United States history they were one of the first people to be displaced from their land. 

Inspired from Native American music, we started to focus on drums and percussion. Many cultures have their own drumming patterns and instruments and often they express a deep emotion and story. These instruments felt like the perfect way for the women to express their story, from their heart to a beating drum. Some of the types of drums we looked at were bodhran from Ireland, daf from Iran, Djembe from West Africa, and bucket drums. The bucket drums were inspired from the scenic and costume design research which focused on homelessness, refugees and human trafficking. People in these situations have to use whatever they can get their hands on in order to survive. Bucket drums seemed to be something that was easily attainable even when in disaster.

* #18 "Fight For You" by Raye Zaragoza was used for curtain call


Following our drum research, we found a way to use multiple types of drums for several moments in the show. There were pre-recorded drums that exhibited complex drumming with the daf, djembe and bodhran. In addition, chorus members performed live bucket drumming that emphasized rhythm in the speeches and language.

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Drafting Paperwork

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