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Photo by KevinYu, shot for The Ithacan

Fun Home

Book and Lyricsby Lisa Kron

Music by Jeanine Tesori

Based on Fun Home by Alison Bechdel

Director: Gavin Mayer

Scenic Designer: Thomas Jenkleit

Lighting Designer: Max Okst

Costume Designer: Sarah Marshall

Sound Designer: Ariana Cardoza

Music Director: Jeff Theiss

Fun Home takes the audience through the memories of Alison Bechdel as she gains a better understanding of her sexuality, family, and childhood. We see Alison in three different stages of life: childhood, college, and adulthood. We watch her as an adult realize that she is the same age that her dad was when he killed himself. As she looks through boxes of her father's possessions and her childhood home she is overwhelmed by memory and begins processing her emotions through her art. Our sound goals were to encompass the audience in Alison's home and to have the audience feel as she does. Using a surround system and keeping the band onstage, we were able to physically wrap the audience in the music created by Jeanine Tesori. At the same time, the presentational system attempted to create a natural feeling as if we were in the home with the Bechdel family. We contrasted these two states by fading into and out of the surround system to create the feeling of getting lost in memory and emotion.

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