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Hip Hop Feminism

This project explores black women’s voices through the medium of DJ-ing as a tenet of Hip Hop. Focusing on three topics: Power, Desire/Love, and Queerness; using primarily women’s voices demonstrates the unity between women and the power they have to be who they want to be against what society says they should be. With a Hip Hop Feminism perspective, the project also allows women to have the ability to feel empowered as a woman while being supported as a black person. Feminism is a racist ideology and Hip Hop Feminism is made by and for black women and can include the intersectionality of black women as well as queer black women. In Joan Morgan’s When Chicken Heads Come to Roost, she writes, “I wanted a feminism that would allow me to explore who we are as women–not victims.” This idea also important because there is so much power in women hip hop artists because of their expression through their lyricism and groove. There is power in existing. Existing when others would rather you not.

These mixes were made on Logic Pro X.

Power Mix

This first mix focuses on the anger and power of black women hip hop artists. With the voices of Solange, Doja Cat, Sister Souljah, Megan Thee Stallion, Baby Tate, Flo Milli. There is plenty to be angry about in this world and the mix speaks about men, feeling disrespected, etc. However, the mix is also empowering and shows the strength of women in how they stand up for themselves. Part of Hip Hop Feminism is the idea that women shouldn’t always be victims and these women are not victims. There is power in them speaking up and showing the world who they are. “Don’t touch my crown” -Solange in A Seat at the Table

Power MixAriana Cardoza
00:00 / 05:00

Love and Desire Mix

In this mix, I pulled from artists Doja Cat, Missy Elliot, Khia, Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, and Lil’ Kim to create a DJ mix of songs about desire and love. These black women sing about what they want, how they feel and who they desire. As discussed in “Love as Political Resistance” from Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good by Adrienne Maree Brown, there is a power in a black woman speaking her truth and saying what she actually wants in a loving relationship, in sex or in life. This radical honesty is what keeps women out of the box that they have been stereotyped in for a long time. Women don’t have to be “submissive, diminutive, obedient” they can be bold, sexy, and dominant. The women in this mix speak through hip hop how they want to be loved and that is powerful and radical.

Love and Desire MixAriana Cardoza
00:00 / 05:04

Queer Mix

This final mix focuses on the voices of Queer people in Hip Hop. In this track, there is Deadlee, Big Freedia, Quay Dash, Siena Liggins, Ashnikko, and Princess Nokia. Most of these artists aren’t in the mainstream of popular culture and that was intentional based on the reading “Boyfriends with Clits and Girlfriends with Dicks” by Rinaldo Walcott. In this passage, he writes “Indeed, a ‘genuine’ queer hip hop should resist market forces consciously or not, as it must be bound up with an anticapitalist critique and or antagonism.” Therefore, artists that aren’t in the mainstream are more likely to bring to discussion topics and notions that are not easy to make money on. These are the ideas that should be spoken about and were brought to light in this mix. This mix spreads the voices of queer black people being authentically themselves and doing so through music that you can dance and scream along to. Queer people can be the queen, rich, powerful, reclaim slurs, have sex, and love.

Queer MixAriana Cardoza
00:00 / 04:10
Hip Hop Feminism
The Subway
Old New York

Old New York

During the NY Shutdown, I found myself missing NYC while in NYC. This piece is a reminder of “old New York”. I used many samples and clips from NYC subway stations including subway performers (and the comments from the audience). The performers used in this composition are Jalib Johnson, Sadio Soumounou, and two strangers in a saxophone battle. The last sample used is a recording I made of my neighbors cheering for frontline workers at 7pm in Queens. The city is inherently musical and I used that to my advantage.

This piece was made on Logic Pro X.

Old New YorkAriana Cardoza
00:00 / 04:06

Tom & Jerry Project

This project was completed on Reaper and Adobe Premiere for Sound Design class. We were given a Tom & Jerry cartoon without the original audio and were tasked with creating a new concept for the cartoon. In this episode, "The Milky Waif" Jerry is awoken to a waif on his doorstep named Nibbles. Unaware of the danger of Tom the cat, Nibbles gets into trouble under the supervision of Jerry. My design concept for this project was to use an unusual style of music, electronic, to emphasize the comedy of the cartoon. I took the perspective of Jerry and Nibbles and the sound/music follows their actions and emotions.

Tom & Jerry
Stage Mist

Ambient Project

This project was for a class called Digital Sound Production. The assignment was to use a sample map to create an ambient soundscape. This piece was made using Digital Performer.

Ambient ProjectAriana Cardoza
00:00 / 01:15
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